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God placed us here just for you.

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 Mark the dates for the 2018 International Camp Meeting, June 4th-10th 
Theme: The Miraculous Dimension

   World Mission International Worship Center, Friendly worship atmosphere, that loves God and values the grace of God upon people

We are here to serve you and you have a place in the center of God's heart. {read John 10:27-29}

World Mission Int Worship Center.   Bank of America account # 446028440358. Zip code: 20705, Tel: 2028558571

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       Dr Bonnie Etta and Pastor Estella Etta, Senior pastors. For prayers and counseling call: +13019371009/ +12028558571/+12403536067
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   World Mission International Worship Center- 4200 Forbes Blvd Ste 109 Lanham MD 20706. Sundays 10am. Tel: 2028558571/3019371009