Creating your future through strategic warfare prayers. 1 Chro 4/9-10.

  Jabez was a man that was cursed by his mother from birth. Because she hated him from birth.

His mother placed a curse on him because of the pain she went through in delivery.

He was cursed to live in grievousness, in pain and in sorrow.  They called his name Jabez, “sorrowful, painful or afflicted”

But he became more honorable and most blessed than the other children.

He was born with his problem, but he refused to die with it.

He decided to fight to change the story of his life and to create his dreamed future.

He became more honorable, dignified, with greater respect and value.

God’s will for you is not shame but honor; my will for my children is that they become honorable men in their generation.

 God’s will for you is to fill you with his beauty; his will is to fill you with honor and integrity.

God’s will is not to produce failures and victims. God’s will for you is not a life of shame and pain.

His will is to make out of you an honorable, productive and effective child of God.

My God wants to restore honor to the church again through his Anointing.

God wants to restore honor to your personal life and family.

Today there is deliverance from disgrace and shame, deliverance from defeat and pain, deliverance from frustration and disappointments in life.

What did Jabez do that changed his testimony?

A. He prayed reasonable, relevant and effective prayer.

 “Lord bless me indeed

v     He had a clear purpose in his prayers. 

v     He pursued his dreams through prayers.

v     He had a vision for his prayers.

v     The Bible says and Jabez called upon the God of Israel, who do you call for help?

v     He sought God’s blessing upon his life,

v     “I will not let you go unless you bless me”.

v    God’s will is to bless and not your curse, he delivers, annuls, and sets free from all form of curses.

v     He want to bless the works of your hands, your ministry must be blessed, your business most be blessed, your home must be blessed, your children must be blessed, your marriage must be blessed, you education must be blessed, your husband must be blessed, your finances must be blessed, your body must be blessed, with good health; because it is well with the righteous. Shout! I am blessed to be a blessing to my generation and beyond.

B.     God enlarge my territory. “My coast, my platform, my connections, my ministerial world, etc”.

v     It is God’s will for you to grow, to expand, to develop, to increase and to multiply.
v     God wants to enlarge, expand, increase, develop and prosper the coast of your life and family, the coast of your business; he wants you to grow beyond your widest dream.
v     Stagnation is not God’s will for your life, many are standing and marking time in the same platform for so many years, today is your day of deliverance. Take new steps to possess your possession in this season and in this year in Jesus name.

C.     Lord let your hand be with me. God’s hand deals with God’s power, God’s ability and might and his protective presence. The hand of the Lord is here to touch somebody tonight. He want to touch, you at the point of need, he will touch your sick body, he want to change your situation.

D.     Keep me from the evil or from the evil one. He wants to completely deliver you from the power of darkness and from the hand of the enemy.  He is here to destroy all the works of the enemy today against your destiny.

E.      Today is your season for complete spiritual healing, your day for complete deliverance, your day of complete restoration, your day of salvation from oppression and your day of divine encounter with God in Jesus’ mighty name.

Shout! Your past is over. The pain of the past is over.

Strategic warfare prayers:-

Confess this aloud.

v     I break every word spoken or written to fight, obstruct, delay or frustrate my destiny in Jesus name.
v     I break every familiar spirit that has restricted me from my God-given breakthrough in life in Jesus name.
v     I break every negative blood line limitations, every blood line curses, and every blood line negative family lifestyle in Jesus name.
v      I reverse every negative decision that has prevented me from rising and shining in life in Jesus name.
v     I stop every force that has been oppressing my and restricting me from fully realizing my dreams in Jesus name.
v     I declare a new season in my life from this day in Jesus name.
v     Good news will never depart from my family in Jesus name.
v     Good mails will never cease to come to my mail box in Jesus name.
Good friend will never cease to connect with me for greater achievements 

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