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12 things to deal with in order to assure a blessed and fruitful 2015.

Pro 3:1-9.

We have to deal with: 

1.      Self-will. {We are called to do things God’s way and not our way, our way will fail, His way will succeed} His way and His will stand in my life in Jesus name.

2.      Financial fears. {See God as your source of financial blessings and wealth; seek to invest in taking the Gospel to the nations of the world as a sponsor of Gospel and mission programs} Don’t live with financial fears trust God.

3.      Lack of time for God. Failure to have time for God is failure to decide to succeed. {Abuse of time management is the reason for failure and pain in the lives of many}.

4.      Carnal friends and carnal parties. You can not be mentored by Satan and end of in heaven.

5.      Gossip and involvement in matters that does not concern you. Always remember that backbiters are always behind the back they backbite.

6.      Deal with the temptation to use your tithes for other reasons. Remember, your tithing keeps your heavens open for your blessings and closes the gates of hell for you. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. The devourer shall not succeed against all that concerns you in Jesus name.

7.      Carnal and selfish decisions. Wrong decisions are the gate way to ruined and painful lives.

8.      Fear of failure. Let not fear keep you from attempting great things in life and for God by faith in Jesus name. Your dreams can never be realized until you take a giant step against all odds by faith in the Word of God and in your God.

9.      2014 experiences. Learn from the mistakes of 2014 but never attempt to let things be the way they were and never remain in the same plate-form and mentality as in 2014. Things must improve and develop for excellence.

10.  Every form of sin and unfaithfulness. Sin attracts Satan and godliness pleases God. Remember Sin kills.

11.  Expenditures. Seek to reduce your expenses in-order to save more money for development, investments and the kingdom of God.

12.  Lack of commitment to the house of God. Remember, if you neglect God’s, you’ve neglected the source of your favor and blessings.

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