1. Authority is the faith to stand in the face of challenges.

  • Refuse to run
  • Refuse to hide.
  • Refuse to escape.
  • Decide to stand and face it.

2. Authority is the certification of your position in Christ.

  • I am a certified child of God.
  • I’m a certified servant of God.
  • I’m a certified Son of God.
  • I’m a certified believer. 
  • Certified by the blood of Jesus.
  • Certified by the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  • Certified by the word of God.

3. Authority is the knowledge of your qualification.

  • I am a qualified child of God.
  • Qualified by the blood.
  • Qualified for blessing.
  • Qualified for healing.
  • Qualified for prosperity
  • Qualified for eternal life.
  • Qualified for peace of mind in a trouble world.
  • Qualified for abundant life.
  • Qualified for victorious living by the blood.
  • Shout I am qualified for a better life.
  • Qualified for quality life.
  • Qualified for secured life.
  • Qualified for Divine protection.
  • Qualified to cast out demons.
  • Qualified to heal the sick
  • Qualified to walk in authority.
  • Qualified to Reign in life.
  • Qualified not by might.
  • Not by academic qualification.
  • Not by financial qualification.

Are you qualified?

  • Religion cannot qualify you.
  • Church membership cannot qualify you.
  • The blood of Jesus will qualify you.
  • The Holy Spirit will qualify you.
  • Faith in the word will qualify you.

4. Authority is submission to God.

  • No submission no authority.
  • I submit to the will of God.
  • I submit to the spirit of God

Who do you submit to?

  • When you submit he will raise you up.
  • When you submit he will make a way for you.
  • When you submit he will make a way for you.
  • When you submit he will, he will empower you.
  • When you submit he will fill you with his presence and power.
  • Abraham submitted to God and he became a blessing to the whole world.
  • Moses submitted to God, he became the deliverer of Israel.
  • Joshua submitted, he became the one to lead Israel to the promise land.
  • David submitted he become the king of Israel.
  • Esther submitted she became the queen of Persia.
  • Elisha submitted and received the double portion.
  • Today is your day to received.
  • You will receive healing from every disease.
  • You will receive deliverance from every power of the enemy.
  • You will receive wisdom for uncommon success.
  • You will receive power over all your fears in Jesus name.
  • Shout I receive power,
  • Divine power
  • Supernatural power, and heavenly power.

5. Authority is divine backing.

  • Elijah and the prophets of Ball.
  • Abraham was backed by God.
  • Moses was backed by God.
  • Joseph was backed by God.
  • Daniel was backed by God.
  • Peter was backed by God.
  • When God back’s you no demon can oppress you.
  • No darkness can pursue you
  • No witch can hinder you.
  • When God back’s you, you will stand and face the forces of the enemy

David and Goliath

  • David was backed by God, he had authority.
  • David killed Goliath.
  • You will kill the Goliath pursuing your family.
  • Today the long-term enemy must bow.
  • The force that has had power over you must be conquered.
  • Today every yoke must be broken.

Today power has changed hands.

  • Your oppressor must be oppressed.
  • The enemy must be conquered.
  • That strong hold must be broken.
  • Take authority today.

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