Free meals served every Sunday  after worship service. 

4200 Forbes Blvd 109 Lanham MD 20706. Sundays 10am

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 Help us deliver a box of food to a family  in need with $25 or more donation. No gift is too small. God bless you. Thank you 

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    Who we are and what we do 



You need a miracle? You need Divine intervention? It is possible in Jesus name. Do you have questions? Waiting to hear from you.


World Mission International worship Center 

is Spirit filled, live changing, multi-cultural, God loving, people serving and souls saving ministry. 

 All donations are tax deductible: 501(C)3.  

Maryland Department ID:1310638

                          These books are written in the place of prayer-                         to heal, restore and empower.

  Get your copies today and we will rush them to you ASAP

Plan to attend our 2020 International Camp Meeting. July 20th-26th 7pm daily



      World Mission International Worship Center

 Where Good Things happen

 4200 Forbes Blvd 109 Lanham MD 20706

 Worship with us this Sunday 10am.

 Food is served after church service. 

     Thank you for all your tax deductible donations, we will keep you in our prayers.

    Dr Bonnie Etta     Senior Pastors            Ps Estella Etta