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In this book "Marriage handbook" I provided scriptural answers to vital marriage and family related questions.

I believe that happy marriages will produce happy communities. Sound marriages will produce save communities. Prosperous marriages and families will produce prosperous countries. Troublesome and stress filled marriages will eventually have it's negative effect on society as we can see in communities all around the world.

I am married and blessed with four boys and it was great joy celebrating our silver jubilee with our family and friends, celebrating the grace that kept us together as a winning team. This is a book for everybody, for individuals, group studies, Sunday schools, for marriage seminars. Etc.

I pray that this book will be beneficial to you and to your family and friends.

Sincerely yours Dr. Bonnie Etta


Living Stress Free is God's will for you; painful living is not profitable. You were born to live God’s kingdom lifestyle here on earth.
Smile and blessedness are your covenant rights.
Refuse to accept anything that does not have the nature and image of peace and health. Your mind was created for soundness and creativity. Don’t yield to stress, yield to the love of God. You will celebrate life again.

“This is a book for the entire family to seat down and read in meditation.
Dr. Patricia A. Noumedem.
“You will smile again from the depths of your heart”. 
Nojang Evelyn
I do greatly recommend this timely book for every individual who value happiness, success and peaceful life. 
Estella Etta.

                             $ 15 USD



This book, Lord, Use Me, is a divine provision to everyone with a yearning for more of God in this generation. It is my joy and privilege to recommend this book as a must read to every God loving soul with a passion to be used by God.

-Bishop Chris Raymond

Dr Bonnie Etta has authored several life changing books; I think this particular work is of utmost importance in these last days. This book in your hand is a great step towards a new dimension and platform in your life and ministry.
-Dr Abraham King

Wow! A great piece of work, so inspirational, I just got a taste of it going through the manuscript. I do recommend Lord, Use Me, to every God loving and God seeking child of God.
-Justine Ndam

As I read through the chapters of this excellent book, I was encouraged and compelled to spend greater quality time with God. If you have little or great faith, this book will stir and propel your faith for greater works in God.
-Elizabeth Dennis

                             $10 USD


“Supernatural Encounters with Angels and Jesus Christ” is God’s message for “healing, transforming, encouraging and strengthening the faith” of all who read it. Bishop Agbor B. Etta believes that a supernatural encounter with the living God is not only possible but necessary for the “uncommon to become possible” in the lives of Christians. His book will encourage “those who have a calling and an assignment that is bigger than their imagination.” This is real experiences and personal encounters with Angels and Jesus Christ. 

                                   $10 USD


"The Lord said to me, the Holy Spirit empowers your spirit man for effective Christian life and ministry; while your angel protects your body from destruction. Listen to the voice of your angel to keep yourself safe in times of disaster and spiritual attacks." Dr. Bonnie Etta.

"Walking With Your Angel, is the most interesting book I have read. The content is incredible. The information in this book will enable you to prevent and limit calamities, accidents and unnecessary fears in your life. The ministry of angels is real today, I am a living testimony." - Dr. Billy Lubansa.

"I describe this book in one word, Awesome" - Elijah Etta
"This is the book for the moment, with all the battles around us; thank God for your book Dr Etta, I am learning to listen to my angel." - Linda Ijang

"Finally I am more sensitive to the voice of the angel of the Lord for my daily safety." - Pastor Mrs. Asongwe

"I have learned to wait upon the Lord; his still small voice is leading me every day." - Ngome Evelyn


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